海 外 訂 購  Overseas Order

訂購流程┆Overseas Ordering Process

  1. 將欲購買的商品加入購物車並結帳,選擇您的國家及付款方式並完成訂單。
    Add the item you want buying to your shopping cart and checkout,then select your country and payment method to complete the order.

  2. 若結帳頁面沒有出現您的國家、無法下單,請您截圖或附上連結,以 FB message 與我們聯繫。
    If the checkout page does not show your country or you cannot place an order, please take a screenshot or attach a link to contact us with FB message .
    FB の message からご連絡ください。

  3. (中港澳地區)以順豐速運寄出,運費直接於送貨時支付給司機/物流公司。
    China, Hong Kong and Macao:Ship by SF Express, please pay the freight directly to the driver / Logistics company at the time of delivery.

  4. (中港澳以外地區)完成訂單後我們會進行打包,至郵局確認所需運費。並且以 E-mail 方式提供運費付款頁面。待您完成運費付款後,包裹會盡快為您寄出。
    Other countries outside China, Hong Kong and Macao:After you complete the order, we will pack your parcel and confirm the required freight at the post office.We will then provide a shipping payment page by E-mail. The parcel will be mailed as soon as you complete the freight payment.
    (中国•香港•マカオ以外の地域)注文が完了しましたら商品をお包みし、郵便局 で送料を確認した後、電子メールで送料支払いページをお送りします。送料の支払いが完了しましたら、速やかに発送いたします。

訂購注意┆Notes for overseas orders

  • 由於海外運送作業繁雜,故不提供退換貨服務。
    Due to the complicated procedures, return or exchange sevices    are not available.

  • 請完整填寫收件人姓名、郵遞區號、地址、電話,以避免包裹因收件資訊不完整,導致被退回。
    Please check your recipient's name, postal code, address, and phone number are complete to avoid  parcel return due to incomplete receiving information.

  • 商品視訂單狀況以破壞袋或紙箱包裝,出貨前會嚴格檢查商品完整性。如包裝上有特殊需求,請於下單時備註說明。
    Depending on the order condition, the product will be packed in a express bag or carton. We will check the integrity of the product stricktly before shipment.If there are special requirements on the package, please note when ordering.

  • 收貨後,若您發現瑕疵或寄錯商品,請拍照並與客服聯繫。經判斷若瑕疵並非人為,商品金額將會轉為「會員購物金」,待下次使用。
    After receiving the goods, if you find a defect or we send the wrong product, please take a picture and contact us with FB message.If we determine that the defect is not artificial, the amount of the product will be converted into "Member Shopping Fund", which will be used for the next purchase.

  • 各國進口關稅標準不同,若領取包裹時將收取商品之關稅,買家需自行支付。
    Member has to bear the import tax based on country import rate if needed.

付款及配送┆Payment and Distribution

  • 付款:Paypal 信用卡支付(Visa、Master Card、JCB)
    Payment:Paypal Credit Card Payment (Visa, Master Card, JCB)
  • 2023.10.12 起更新 Paypal 手續費為 4.4%

  • 配送:順豐速運、EMS 郵局寄送
    Distribution:Delivery by SF Express, EMS

       Tracking:EMSSF Express

Thank you for your purchase and support very much. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via FB message :D . Wish you a good day.